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Trainings and Webinars

I believe in experiential learning and make every effort to provide trainings to small groups of professionals who can try out a broad range of interactive, creative, and dynamic activities. As they engage in them, they more fully understand the power and depth of integrated, trauma-informed approaches.

I'll also be adding Webinars to this site in the coming months.

Traditional Training Programs

Over 30 years ago, I created and developed a successful training program called Starbright Training Institute, which I sold to Myriam Goldin in 2017. Ms. Goldin is one of my trusted partners and colleagues who now continues to nurture the vision of Starbright Training Institute programs.

I am delighted to continue to provide trainings in Fairfax, VA where Starbright is physically located (within the Gil Institute).

One of the unique aspects of the Starbright trainings is the atmosphere of safety and respect, and the ways in which strong and trusting relationships are built among like-minded colleagues. Groups are limited to 20.

Please check Starbright Training Institute for their current schedule.

In this vein, I'll be offering training webinars here in the coming months.

Individual Online Consultation Programs

Over the last five years, I have been refining and structuring Individualized Training Programs in a variety of topics. These programs are co-created to meet the trainee's specified goals.
When training requires experiential learning, the trainee has the option of working in dyads or alone. The experiential activity is then processed and reviewed with ample feedback. In addition, didactic material is presented via Power Point and assigned reading in order to maximize the potential for whole-brain learning.

Trainings Around The Country

I also provide trainings across the country.

March 6-7, 2020

Sacramento, CA with Dr. Lisa Shadburn

March 27-28, 2020

March 29-31, 2020

Sand therapy theory and application, Fairfax, VA at Starbright Training Institute

June 21-22, 2020

December 4-16, 2020

Sand therapy theory and application, Fairfax, VA at Starbright Training Institute

December 8-13, 2020

Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference -- Anaheim Convention Center/Anaheim, CA

Dr. Eliana Gil
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No one depicted on this website is a current or former client of mine, the Gil Institute, or the Starbright Training Institute.